The last few days have been great.  I’ve really been enjoying NOT having minor panic attacks over knowing I’ll be in situations where I can’t smoke.  Those generally mean I load up on smoking before the situation materializes.  But, since I can use the V2 E-Cig just about anywhere, I don’t stress over it and don’t feel the need to smoke ‘em up.

But, here’s the really big news: It has now been 24 hours since I’ve had any nicotine.  Yup, I woke up today and decided I was ONLY going to use the 0% nicotine from now on.  I won’t say it’s been a cake-walk, but it hasn’t been nearly as hard as I predicted and not nearly as difficult as it was the last time I tried to quit.

I really believe that the E-Cig has helped in two ways:

1) Over the past week or so using the E-Cigarettes has changed my routine a bit – I’ve been able to “smoke” where and when I normally couldn’t and therefore reduced the power of crazy cravings in times or places that were super triggers.  It just mixed up the habit enough that now, all I’m dealing with is really the nicotine withdrawal.

2) I don’t have to wonder if it’s just the habit or if it’s the nicotine I’m craving.  I can pick up my little E-Cig and puff away – with a 0% nicotine cartridge.  So I’ve got everything about a cigarette  EXCEPT the nicotine, smoke, and other bad stuff.


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